Proper Job Pop Ups

Foreword by Mike Winstone (former B.C.A.Champion)

"without question Kevís pop-ups are the most buoyant Iíve ever come across, exactly what pop ups should be, and they will remain buoyant indefinitely.

When Kev sent me some for the first time to have a look at, I knew before I received them they were going to be good.


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I took some of the Crab pop ups that he does to a local water for a day only session and took 11 carp including several upper twenties.

Having got to know Kevin over the years, thereís no doubt he has a great understanding of all things carpy.
If he says itís good, itís good.

Finally a pop up that does what it says on the tin. In a range of unique sizes and flavours, these little gems are sure to become a hit."

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